Monday, September 9, 2013

Native American Jewelry: abit about Turquoise

 Turquoise is classified as a hydrous phosphate, in the same category as apatite, mimetite, pytomorphite and variscite, to name a few.  Turquoise was formed when water trickled through a host rock many years ago, leaving behind deposits of copper, aluminum and zinc. Copper is the important mineral  that dictates the color  the Turquoise will be. From pale powdery blue to deep green and every shade in between it is all determined by the amount of copper in the mineral makeup. However if  there is more aluminum added the color tends to be  more green or white. If zinc is present in greater amounts the stone has a more yellow-green appearance and becomes harder. Here are some examples of beautiful and different colors of Turquoise from the DoubleDeeDeals website: Make these pieces part of your fall wardrobe or start your holiday shopping early!