Monday, March 3, 2014

My heart is still in the southwest.

Hello All, After surviving a “terrible for traveling,” winter here in the Midwest, I am ready for spring. Unfortunately, that is not to be, as we have more snow coming in. Thank God I have been able to travel several times to the southwest for sunshine, moderate temperatures and beautiful Native American Jewelry. My artisan friends have been busy creating wearable works of art and blessing me with their wisdom and serenity. I often get caught up in the manic, busy life, of cell phones, computer conferencing and plane schedules. But all I have to do is admire there jewelry and it takes me back to conversations, red rock cathedrals, gorgeous blue skies, quiet walks and lots of laughter. Sometimes I think I appreciate the southwest more being away from it.
When I visit and watch silversmiths at work I am constantly amazed at how they lose themselves in their work and these pieces of silver and stone come alive in the hands of these masters. Frequently a dull gray stone is cut and polished into a striking blue turquoise nugget. Then this beautiful nugget is surrounded by rain drops, scrolls or a lacy overlay to make it into an incredible pendant or ring. Some artists enjoy working alone, communing only with nature and the elements. Others enjoy a workshop with others in the community, sharing ideas, enjoying feedback and encouragement. No factories here, no assembly lines, only American Indian individual artisans bringing us dreamcatchers, rings and bracelets from their minds eye with their blood, sweat and tears. Some jewelry is pretty, valuable or chic but not much is authentically American like Native American Jewelry. I guess my heart is still in the dessert. Debbie

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