Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Native American Jewelry Surprise

Surprises can be so much fun and today I got a surprise package from my friend Sapphira Scott, WOW! Sapphira has sent me some of her newest beautiful creations. and I will be busy putting these on the
DoubleDeeDeals website. Sapphira is a Navajo American Indian Jewelry artist and grew up with her family of 18 brothers and sisters, on the reservation near Canyon DeChelly in Chinle Arizona. Many of Sapphira's family are jewelry artists and they all share in the teaching and mentoring in
the Navajo traditional art and craftsmanship. This Native American Jewelry artist works with her sisters as well as her nieces and nephews to coach and encourage them in the Navajo Jewelry makers special skills and traditions. Sapphira works with Sterling Silver and many different materials including: Turquoise, Coral, Serpentine, and Abalone. She also hand carves arrowheads from
flint . Sapphira hand selects, polishes and drills each bead and stone.  Sapphira is a master craftsman and Artist creating one of a kind pieces of Native American Jewelry wearable art.  Here are a few of her beautiful works.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Stacking Turquoise Jewelry.

As I prepare to attend a family reunion....On My! I am packing up my jewelry to wear for the weekend. The forecast is cooler, around 70, so I think we will spend less time at the pool and more time playing croquet and lawn games. I cannot decide which rings to bring, so I think I will bring several and "stack" them. So I will be able to wear more than one ring on a finger and I will stack bracelets as well. The key to "stacking" is to choose non-competing rings and bracelets. You want them to coordinate, not match. so here are a few examples of rings that can be stacked. Of course you do not have to use strictly Native American Jewelry but these are my favorites.
I love wearing bracelets, I guess I just like the added color and sparkle. Here is a set of bracelets that I will "stack" this weekend.
I hope you will enjoy time with family this summer as well. Cherish those you love and tell them you love them often.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Native American Jewelry Summer Tips

Summer Jewelry Tips

Summer Jewelry Tips:

1. Heading to a BBQ or the beach—Choose jewelry with no gemstones or one large gemstone, slathering on sunblock or dripping BBQ sauce on jewelry is easier to clean if it is all Silver.

2. The heat can usually cause your fingers to swell! Make sure you realize this when picking out rings to wear. Stacking lots of tight-fitting rings is not a good idea! Use dish soap to help slide rings that won’t budge right off!

3. Silver and Turquoise look amazing with tanned skin! Invest in a few statement-making Native American Jewelry pieces and highlight your bronzed look.

4. Summer heat makes us want to wear our hair up! With the cute top-knots that are very popular right now, larger earrings are ideal. I’ve picked a couple of pretty pairs here.

5. Pool party invitations don’t mean you have to keep your beautiful American Indian Jewelry behind! Although chlorine does not mix well with many gems, silver and gold, if you don’t plan on going underwater you still can wear some nice earrings and a necklace.

Enjoy your summer and enjoy wearing all your Authentic Native American Jewelry!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More About Earrings

Earrings are an easy to wear accessory that anyone can use to complete a look. There are dozens and dozens of different styles to choose from on http://www.doubledeedeals.com . While deciding which earrings to purchase is largely a matter of personal taste, it may be helpful to consider the face shape in making the most enhancing choices. In the last post we discussed some ideas for round, diamond and heart shaped faces. Now we will  talk about some others.

If you are one of the fortunate graced with an oval shaped face almost any style of earring will be beautiful hanging from your ears. But for a jewelry investment that really creates a striking look go with oval shaped dangling earrings like the Native American Jewelry Sunnyside Turquoise earrings you see pictured. This shape will create a perfectly balanced frame for your face.
Women with square faces will want to find earrings that will soften the jaw line and cheekbones. Elongated shapes will achieve that enhanced look. Hoop and dangling earrings are both great styles to choose. Larger sized hoops and brighter colors will increase the drama and attention.

Finally for those with narrow face shapes you will look stunning in the long dangle earrings as they tend to minimize the length of the face . When you are choosing dangle earrings look for those with a slight curve to accentuate softness and the line of the cheekbone like these American Indian  Sterling Silver Feather Earrings.

For genuine Native American Jewelry, Dream Catchers and Zuni Animal Fetish Carvings go to http://www.doubledeedeals.com/

Monday, July 15, 2013

Earrings-Choosing the most flattering for your face.

The right earrings can add a finishing look to any outfit and enhance your overall look. http://www.doubledeedeals.com/ has many different styles of Native American Jewelry earrings  to chose from. Most of us choose these feminine accessories based on their overall style, color and material. This shopping method offers a great way to find earrings that match an outfit in color or style but neglects the importance of face shape in making those important buying decisions. By wearing the right earrings for your face shape your natural beauty will be enhanced and accentuated. The Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry is handcrafted and created to be bringing you compliments for many moons to come.
For example:
I have a round face so I look for earrings that will flatter by elongating my face such as teardrop shaped and dangle earrings. I look for designs that  are long and angular with a thin to medium width
such as this pair from http://www.doubledeedeals.com/

For those with diamond shaped faces and very pronounced cheek bones, the most flattering earrings will be have softer lines and elegant curves in both a dangle and hoop style.

If you have a heart-shaped face you will want to look for earrings with elongated curves to draw attention to the eyes, cheekbones and jawline. The chandelier earrings look especially lovely on a heart shaped face.

Your face may be narrow, square or oval and I will talk about the most flattering choices for those face shapes on my next blog post.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Lone Ranger and the Native Biker

I saw The Lone Ranger film and have to say it was not what I had hoped for. Armie Hammer was very handsome and there were many good things about it. But the Native American Indian portrayals were stilted and the humor often made the story ridiculous. Johnnie Depp would have been far more believable with a little more dignity and authenticity and a little less comedy.

But the day was redeemed, when I received a great cache of new Native American Jewelry for http://www.doubledeedeals.com/ from a new American Indian artist.
This new Artist is Michael Stuart. Michael is a member of the Choctaw Nation living in Texas. This talented artist spent 10 years on the reservation in North Dakota learning from the master artists of his tribe. Michael’s journey was enriched by the spiritual mentoring of the tribal Father’s as well as their artistic traditions and skills. Michael has a special affinity for motorcycle enthusiasts and describes some of his pieces as “native biker style”. Michael is a full time Native American jewelry artist and mentor.


Michael has combined this leather cuff with the Native American Dream Catcher a great symbol of living your dreams! He uses buffalo leather, horns, hairpipe, turquoise, abalone and other matierials in his beautiful and unique American Indian jewelry and you can check it all out on http://www.doubledeedeals.com/


Native American Jewelry Care

I frequently receive email inquiries about cleaning of Silver Turquoise Jewelry. I think it might be helpful to mention my personal tips from time to time. There is nothing sadder than the stories I often hear of people accidently damaging their treasured Native American Jewelry while trying to clean it.
So here goes:
To restore the sparkle and shine to sterling silver jewelry, it is recommended to use a sterling silver polishing cloth which restores the natural brightness and will maintain your Native American jewelry for generations to come. Each $50 purchase at http://www.doubledeedeals.com/  includes a free silver polishing cloth as our thank-you gift to you.
Turquoise jewelry and gemstone jewelry: When cleaning Native American jewelry and turquoise jewelry or other gemstones, do not use anything that has abrasives or bleach which can damage silver and many stones. Toothpaste, bleach, and baking soda should be avoided. A non-abrasive cleaner can be used for spraying, soaking and washing jewelry. Use something mild and bear in mind many stones can be porous. A new toothbrush with small soft bristles can also be used for scrubbing jewelry. Extra care should be taken when cleaning turquoise jewelry or gemstone jewelry with more delicate stones such as Amber, Coral, Malachite, Mother-of-pearl and Opals. These instructions are also permanently posted on the website, just visit http://www.doubledeedeals.com/jewelry_cleaning.php

Authentic Native American Sterling Silver jewelry was created to last for generations here are a couple of my new favorites:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love Johnnie Depp and Turquoise

I am really excited about The Lone Ranger movie. So on the evening of July 3rd, I will take a break from working at DoubleDeeDeals. I am putting on my favorite jeans,  some gorgeous Native American Turquoise Earrings like the ones you see, with a white shirt, some beautiful Turquoise beads and I will be ready for my date.

Then my honey and I will head to our local Theatre. I will be having a big tub of overpriced popcorn  and be ready to see Johnnie and Armie "...take us back to yesteryear." Though he is not a Johnnie Depp fan, my husband also loves a story about the Old West, Cowboys and Indians, truth and justice for all...oops got a little carried away. But seriously it will be very interesting to see this old story made new. I am confident that Johnnie Depp will go far in banishing stereotypes about American Indians in this film.  Armie Hammer will have an opportunity to win our hearts and make us all part of his posse. It is hard to believe that this all started with an old radio show then became a series of novels and even a comic book before this feature film.

For trivia lovers: In what other film did Johnnie Depp play the part of a Native American? Hint: it was never released in the USA. Comment with your guesses just for fun and tell me your favorite Turquoise Jewelry piece on DoubleDeeDeals.